Product Guide

Cases of defective products

For products that look significantly different from the website images, we can classify them as defective products. We will handle exchanges and returns due to such defects through our customer service center.
If you discover a defective product, please send us an e-mail ([email protected]) with the attachment of product images.

Cases that are not considered defective products

a. Early tarnishing due to inappropriate care
For plated products such as silver 925, tarnishing may occur if they are not stored or cared for in a proper way.
Since tarnishing occurs due to product storage methods, care methods, and wearing environments, it is not applicable for exchanges and returns.

b. Individual’s allergic reactions
All product details include material information on the product detail page. Please ensure all precautions are taken as we are unable to know each individual's allergies and sensitivities.
We take no responsibility or liability for any reactions that may take place and allergic and sensitive reactions are not applicable for exchanges and returns.

c. Minor flaws during the manufacturing process
During the manufacturing process, there may occur minor scratches, dents, soldering marks, and bonding marks which are not considered faulty.

d. Minor differences in products
Due to the handcrafted process of NOT THAT SPICY products, there may be minor differences between products.
Finishing details and gemstone placements may vary slightly from product to product, but these occur because of the handcrafted process and do not apply to defects.

e. Minor differences due to metal characteristics
Silver 925 has a silver content of 92.5% and is more malleable compared to other metals.
It may bend slightly during the shipping or unpacking process if subjected to strong force.
Such bending can be easily corrected by hand, and it does not apply to defects.

Jewelry Care

  • Silver products can be tarnished due to exposure to external factors such as moisture, air, and cosmetics. Avoid contact with lotions, perfumes, oils, and sweat. Do not wear your jewelry in water.

  • When tarnishing occurs, use a cleaning solution and a polishing cloth. However, please be careful when using a cleaning solution on a product that has been processed with a patina, as the patina may be removed.

  • When not in use, run a soft and dry cloth over each piece and store it in a sealed pouch to prevent discoloration.

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